World of Warships

World of Warship is a Massively Multyplayer Online Game Free to Play developed on combat naval units between the First World War and the Cold War period. It’s part of the war games platform created by Wargaming.

You will be able to modify and upgrade your naval unit in the carnage basin before taking it to the sea and diving into an epic naval clash! The game is focused on the battles between players divided into two teams that clash in a battlefield, each player commands through their computer gaming peripherals their naval unit and must try to destroy the enemy fleet and / or win the base opposing


The game consists of two teams each with 15 players, the available game modes are:

  1. Cooperative Battle: In this mode each team has a base, only your team is made up of human players, the opposing team is entirely made up of Bots. The goal is to capture the enemy base or eliminate the enemy fleet within 15 minutes.
  2. Standard Battle: In this mode the opponent team is also made up of automatically selected human players to balance the match. In the event of player insufficiency, teams are automatically completed with the insertion of Bots. The goal is to capture the enemy base or eliminate the enemy fleet within 15 minutes.
  3. Operational Mission: In this mode you will have to complete a specific mission in an exclusive scenario. Your allies will be automatically selected among the players who have selected the same mission.


The naval units in the game are 110. They all reproduce ships that existed, developed immediately before, during and immediately after World War II.

Not all the units in the game can be unlocked for free, units called in the game as a “premium” can only be used through their purchase via WOWS coin, the “Dobloni” buyable with real money or through missions, activities clan war or e-sports competitions.

Some naval units are provided by game producers to all members in case of special events or certain users who have achieved significant results in Clan Wars or contest winners promoted by Wargaming. Vehicles are divided by country, Germany, Soviet Union, France, United States, Pan-Asia, Great Britain, Japan, and Poland.

Each nation has its own technology tree that allows the unlocking of ships through experience gained during the game. The available vehicle classes are 4: Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships and Jet Carriers. Each class is in turn divided into Tiers (levels) that can range from one to ten.


The Destroyer belongs to the smallest, very agile and fastest class in comparison to other classes as the main armament of the brilliant torpedo throwing systems, and a few small, lightweight, fast-moving cannons; can play different roles in the game. His main tasks are going to cover the enemy ships; occupy bases or free them, attack, throw torpedoes and provide anti-aircraft cover to teammates. Its low sensitivity, ease of handling and rapidity completely fill its main disadvantage caused by a lightweight, easy-to-damage helmet of the enemy, so that it can either singularly attack or devastating attacks even against armor or multiple ships at the same time.


The Cruiser is the most manageable class, designed to react quickly and with lethal force. It acts as a shield for larger ships and as anti-aircraft platform for the team. It can of course fight alongside other cruisers, using torpedoes to damage the enemy. Its peculiarity is to be a hybrid class, that is, it takes the maneuverability and the ability to launch typical torpedo torpedoes and takes the thick armor and the power of the bomber cannons.


The Battleshis represents the quintessence of the “big pieces” in this game. Massive fire power, coupled with heavy armor and secondary cannons, make this a serious threat to smaller boats and an extraordinary anti-aircraft defense. The only weak point in this class is the poor maneuverability and speed that make it an easy prey for torpedoes and group attacks.

Aircraft Carriers

The aircraft carrier is a multiplayer ship, very strategic and unique in its kind as the gamer becomes like a Real Time Strategy (RTS). Carries three types of aircraft: Bomber Bomber, Aerosiluring and Hunting. Depending on the nation, the number of units per team (Japanese: 4 planes per team, Americans: 6 planes per team) varies, except for Saipan (premium ship) with 3 Fighter Plane team aircraft. Each team plays a specific role and can use more than one simultaneously. An airplane can attack planes and enemy ships, as well as escorting and covering allies. The weakness of the aircraft carrier is its ease in being sunk by enemy ships; for this reason the strategy adopted by many players is to stay as far as possible from naval combat.


Experience is needed to look for new forms of naval vessel used or to develop the next level vessel. There are two types of experience: the experience of each vessel (which is obtained in each game), valid only for the ship with which it has been earned, and the technical experience that is obtained for each game and equates to 5 % of the normal experience gained. The technical experience is shared and can be used on any ship. During some events it is possible to convert the “technical” experience into experience to improve the skills of the commander.

Credits will allow you to purchase unlocked components, repair your naval after each battle, supply ammunition, purchase new ships, special components, or consumables.

Both credits and experience will be given as a reward at the end of each battle, based on many factors that can determine the increase, among which are:

  1. Victory of their own team
  2. Number of kills
  3. Number of sightings
  4. Amount of damage suffered
  5. Help in capturing the base of the opponent
  6. Help in defending the allied base

If the player turns out to be wrong with his team, he will receive a penalty in both the credits obtained and the experience, if the player, for example, hits or kills a member of his team; this, in addition to lowering the final reward, will also cause multiple reports from their teammates via the “complaint” option. Additionally, if a player frequently injures or kills allies, the indicator (icon depicting the username, health, and type of tank), usually green, will become pink and may be destroyed by allies without any consequences.


The commander of each ship will gain experience during the battles. When a commander reaches 100% of primary training, he can learn and develop extra skills that will improve the performance of the unit he is commanded.


The premium account can be activated in the game through a “dobloni” expense equivalent to the time for which you want to own the account, ranging from 24 hours to a year. The “dobloni” can be purchased through a cash expense on the World of Warship site. The premium account, compared to the “free to play” account, brings several benefits, including:

  • Increase of 50% of experience and credits

the use of “gold” can also be done without having a premium account, allowing you to buy other benefits such as:

  • Experience transformation of an Elite Ship
  • Purchasing Premium Elite ships
  • Purchase a temporary premium account
  • Purchase of special consumables
  • Purchase an additional space in the harbor
  • Purchasing a 100% crew experience
  • Purchase of mimetics, coats of arms, emblems
  • Purchase of particular penetrating or explosive strikes