London Philharminic Orchestra & Chorus – Carmina Burana – O Fortuna

Clan Angry Ducks is an international gaming squadron of War Gaming Simulators who work daily on various Massively Multyplayer Online (MMo). These advanced simulators allow you to experience very realistic combat at the commands of aircraft, armored vehicles, ships, and combat helicopters from biplanes of the First World War to end up on the Starships of the far future.

In our Gaming Divisions page, you can find the full list of MMOs already operating on our ever-expanding gaming platform. You will be able to find a group of Angry Ducks players in action 24 hours a day, starting from the United States midwest time zone to the far end of India. You can have them at your side interfacing with them in our vocal chat chat.

If you feel you are ready to join a group of adults who help each other to win the team’s victory and are ready to share the best techniques and game setup, contact us through our Social Network or via email. You will find its links in the header and footer of each page of our site.