World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a Massively Multyplayer Online Game Free to Play dedicated to the armored vehicles of the period between World War I and the Cold War period. The graphic level of the different battle scenarios, the detail of armored vehicles, their historical precision and the engaging special effects have made it a “cult” with more than 2,500,000 players around the world.

You will be able to modify and strengthen your armored vehicle in the workshop before taking it to the battlefield and immerse yourself in a legendary combat!

The game is focused on the battles between players divided into two teams that collide in a battlefield, each player commands through his computer’s peripherals his own vehicle and must try to destroy enemy wagons and / or win the opposing base .


The game consists of two teams each with 15 players, the available game modes are:

  1. Standard Battle: In this mode each team has a base, the goal is to capture the enemy base or eliminate all enemy vehicles within 15 minutes.
  2. Predominance: In this mode there is a single neutral base, which must be conquered by one of the two teams.
  3. Assault: In the Assault mode, a team must defend their base, while the other team, without base, tries to win the defensive base within 10 minutes of play.
  4. Team battle: involving teams of tanks of the same nation (eg Germany vs. USSR).
  5. Other Mods: We find other modes related to Clan War (only applicable by clans) and Tank Company Mode
  6. Training Battle: This is a particular type of battle where there are no restrictions on the levels, usually a room is opened by an experienced player who can then instruct the novices to the game. In this mode there is no repair of vehicles and at the end of the battle there is no credit or experience; the supply of ammunition and consumables is instead payable through credits as in normal battles.
  7. Fortress: A way to build a Fortress for your clan, gaining goods for the development of the various buildings in this mode.

Each mode can be won by eliminating all enemy tanks or by winning the base of the opponent.


The vehicles present in the game are 336. Part of the vehicles reproduce really existing tanks, developed immediately before, during and immediately after the Second World War, with some exceptions, such as the presence of tanks that have remained prototype and not produced in series or vehicles that have never been realized but only designed or others are only approximated.

Of the tanks in the game, not all of them are unlockable for free, vehicles called in the game as “premium”, can only be used through their purchase via WOT coin, “Gold” buyable with real money or through missions, activities clan war or e-sports competitions.

Certain premium tanks are provided by game producers to all members in case of special events or certain users who have achieved significant results in Clan Wars or contest winners promoted by Wargaming.

Vehicles are subdivided by country, Germany, Soviet Union, France, United States, China; Great Britain, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Sweden and Poland.

Each nation has its own technology tree that allows the unlocking of wagons through experience gained during matches. Available class classes are 5: light, medium, heavy, hunting and artillery self-propelled. Each class is in turn divided into Tiers (levels) that can range from one to ten.

Lightweight Armor

Although the first available vehicles are quite slow, light vehicles are equipped with engines capable of carrying them at great speed in the battlefield and a very high camouflage coefficient. Their main task is to carry out reconnaissance for their team (scouts), more specifically for artillery where they can report the location of targets to be attacked. Other tasks of lightweight vehicles, though more difficult, are to infiltrate enemy lines to damage and destroy enemy artillery and distract heavy vehicles and enemy hunters in order to facilitate the allies in advancing and striking their enemies. They boast, as already said, of greater speeds than the other means but they do not have enough armor or armor to engage combat against heavy and medium armored vehicles.

Medium Armored Vehicles

Their main role is to attack the heavily armored heavy armor in groups by leveraging greater agility and maneuverability to hit the hips and rear armor of the target. Unlike lightweight wagons, the average wagons are perfectly able to hire heavily armed and armored targets. In addition, some average wagons, such as the Panzer III / IV, are fast enough and maneuverable to carry out reconnaissance and hunt adversarial artillery behind enemy lines.

Heavy Armored Tanks

Many consider them the backbone of each team. They have the task of covering the front line, absorbing enemy damage and allowing medium tanks and / or heavy tanks faster to circumvent the enemies while they are concentrated on them. Last but not least, the task of a heavy armor, in the case of agility and speed, is to support a group of middle armor in offensive operations that require rapidity.

Tank Destroyers

These particular tanks are usually designed starting from regular regular tanks. They have the most powerful direct firearms in the game, however, the power of fire is privileged at the expense of mobility. With the exception of some US, German, and only Chinese hacksaw vehicles, these vehicles are equipped with a fixed turret or have the cannon directly in the hull. The absence of a tower decreases the height and, consequently, the chances of being detected and affected. Usually, they are easy targets for agile and fast tanks that can easily flank them. They are great for striving to find armored vehicles of all kinds.

Self propelled guns

Equipped with artillery cannons, these crawler vehicles have a great strategic value for the team in every battle, mainly because of their ability to hit the target at enormous distances and eluding most of the repairs thanks to the indirect shot. However, their armor is extremely fragile and hence vulnerable to lightweight, lightweight armor attacks.


Experience is needed to look for new tank modules used or to develop the next level tanks. There are two types of experience: the experience of each vehicle (which is obtained in each game), valid only for the tanks with which it has been earned, and the technical experience, which is obtained at each game and equates to 5 % of the normal experience gained. The technical experience is shared and can be used on any tanks. During some events it is possible to convert the “technical” experience into experience to improve crew skills.

With credits you will be able to buy the unlocked components, repair their medium after each battle in case they are hit or destroyed (as it is impossible to take part again in a battle with the wrecked or damaged tank), refuel ammunition, buy new tanks , special or consumable components.

Both credits and experience will be given as a reward at the end of each battle, based on many factors that can determine the increase, among which are:

  • Victory of their own team
  • Number of kills
  • Number of sightings
  • Amount of damage suffered
  • Help in capturing the base of the opponent
  • Help in defending the allied base

If the player turns out to be wrong with his team, he will receive a penalty in both the credits obtained and the experience, if the player, for example, hits or kills a member of his team; this, in addition to lowering the final reward, will also cause multiple reports from their teammates via the “complaint” option. Additionally, if a player frequently injures or kills allies, the indicator (icon illustrating the username, health and type of tank), usually green, will become blue, and may also be destroyed by allies without any consequences.


The crew of each tanks will gain experience during the battles. When a crew member reaches 100% of primary training, they can learn and develop extra skills that will improve the performance of the tank.


The premium account can be activated through a “gold” expense equivalent to the time for which you want to own the account, ranging from 24 hours to a year. “Gold” can be purchased through a cash expense on the World of Tanks site. The premium account, compared to the “free to play” account, brings several benefits, including:

  • Increase of 50% of experience and credits

the use of “gold” can also be done without having a premium account, allowing you to buy other benefits such as:

  • Experience transformation of an Elite Tanks
  • Purchasing Premium Elite Carriages
  • Purchase a temporary premium account
  • Purchase of special consumables
  • Purchase additional space in the garage
  • Purchasing a 100% crew experience
  • Purchase of mimetics, coats of arms, emblems
  • Purchase of particular penetrating or explosive strikes



Within the game you can take part in a casual battle forming a platoon composed of two or three members, without any limitation on the level and type of tank to choose from. However, it will be the vehicle with the highest level to determine the level of opponents that will be faced, except for the use of vehicles belonging to the “light” category that can collide with tanks up to three levels above them.

Company Tanks

The carriage company can be created by any player. The tank company plans to form a whole team to fight another company of the same level. There are four types of companies and each is limited to a maximum level consisting of tanks and a maximum number of classes for each tank:

Junior: Overall level 20-40
Medium: Overall level 40-60
Champion: overall level 60-90
Absolute: overall level 90-150