Pin-up is a very special kind of woman. This is a woman made in America, a super “doll”, famous for her dress (and verse) but never to deserve the black bar of censorship. She is flirting but remains innocent, erotic but not explicit, malicious but sweet. His sensuality is not artifacts and his exposure is always caused by an accidental event. The Pin Up story began during World War I when President Woodrow Wilson gave birth to the Division of Pictorial Publicity whose task was to create visual stimuli that would convince men to enroll themselves. It was discovered that the Pin Up were pretty convincing. It did not take long before they flooded calendars, advertisements and covers around the world. Pin Up’s popularity continued to increase during World War II, when the riders from their home-country painted an image on their airplane’s nose that reminded them of the reason they fought. Now this tradition is kept alive by photomodel portraits posing in front of historic planes. Good vision….



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